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   Welcome To Our Company-Accu Machine Inc.

     Accu Machine's Quality Policy is to continually improve our processes, products and services to deliver solutions of the highest value, thereby providing a competitive advantage to our customers. While striving for Zero Defects, Accu Machine will incorporate customer requirements, promoting quality improvement and customer satisfaction at all times.
     Inspection & Test Processes:
     There are a variety of inspection and test points defined within each process to verify that the process is in control and the customer requirements are being met, and to provide feedback for continual improvement. First Article Inspection, In-Process inspections and also Final Inspection are conducted. Results of inspections are documented.
     When failures occur, they are addressed according to specific procedures defined in each work area. If the product failed or rejected, it is considered to be non-conforming and is identified, documented, segregated, reviewed and dispositioned.
     When inspection, measuring and test equipment is used in the process, a measurement capability analysis is done. The tools and equipment is initially verified (calibrated) and then maintained to ensure that it is capable of providing consistent and accurate measurements. Appropriate statistical studies are utilized as part of the control method. Documentations and data's are also available for the customer upon request.

 Product Identification & Traceabilities

   Product is identified from raw material Through all
   stages of production and shipment to the customer.
   The tracking procedures includes:
  • Assignment of a unique identifier to each lot or batch.
  • Recording of the completion of each step and the inspection test status.
  • Recording of pass/fail quantities
  • Identification of key process information as defined in work instructions.
  • Recording of key process critical dimension(s) data as defined in work instructions.

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